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Online Ladies tailoring service in Bangalore

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Elicyns doorstep online ladies tailoring service in Bangalore

If you are looking for a online tailoing service in Bangalore for a very economical cost at a very high quality and quick time. Reach us and we will do present you the best in class service in online tailoring industry.

What will be average time to stitch a Kurta?

Well it is quite hard to answer this question because Kurta comes with varietiesof designs and each will take its own time to stitch. But an average time to stitch a common and regular kurta will be an hour. Yes if you have the right skill to stitch you will be able to complete one kurta in an hour.

We stitch your dress in an hour with highest quality and precision.

What will be the cost to stitch Kurta in Bangalore?

In Bangalore tailors charge 400 to 600 for a kurta with lining. However additional designs will be charges higher depending on the time and work required to stitch it.

We at elicyns charge you just 500 for kurta with lining in Bangalore not just that you donít have to move out of your home, we will provide your doorstep service.

What is elicyns approach?

We may not be the only best online ladies tailors in Bangalore but our approach is the best, we are women empowered ladies tailoring service in Bangalore, which means that we engage women throughout the process no men to take the measurement, no men to pick up materials, no men to visit your homes to deliver back the materials this is one way unique in this industry.

Why should someone come to elicyns than going to other local tailors?

Not just the cost we offer doorstep service, which means you can stitch your favourite dress at convenience of your home you do not have the embracement of men taking the measurements these are some of many good reasons why you should choose elicyns over others.

If you provide doorstep service your cost will be more as compared to others local ladies tailors in Bangalore?

No we charge you just as same as your local ladies tailors and we donít charge anything more for our doorstep service.

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